Cwikwin is Your first mobile application for contests.

Bored? Why not play something that guarantees oodles of fun and a handful of surprises?

Welcome to Cwikwin (Quick Win), Your online hub for contests. Download the Cwikwin Android or iOS Mobile App from or sign up right here to instantly access loads of contests and prizes. Put your knowledge about your favorite brands to test, answer simple questions and Win amazing prizes. You can participate anytime of the day-night or wherever you are, never miss a Cwikwin contest. What's more? For each correct answer you earn yourself a loyalty point which you can redeem for awesome gifts! You can simply sign up with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account to make it just easy.

Cwikwin has hosted over a hundred contests last year with nearly 300 users winning prizes like Smartphones, Tablets, Entry tickets to live concerts, shopping vouchers and a lot more. Winners are selected through an electronic randomizer and prizes are shipped to your doorstep. You can also claim free gifts like Mobile recharge top-ups, personal audio systems and Smartphones by redeeming your loyalty points. We thought this was still not enough , so we have our 'Fellowship of Friends' program. Get your family and friends to join Cwikwin, win points and you could just grab your favorite Smartphone for FREE! Download, log-in, play and Win with Cwikwin today!

You can also keep track of the winners for each contest in the 'Winners' section. Join over 25,000 of us on or to stay tuned with the release of latest contests and winner announcements.

And yes, we never share your profile information with any other company and also don't slap the Mobile App with adverts. We want to keep it simple for you, simple for us.

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